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How to Make Business Crowdsourcing Work for You

Turn to your crowd to discover actionable ideas and solutions to company challenges.


Crowdsourcing for Business is the most effective way to gather and surface ideas and solutions from your employees, partners, and customers.

What if you could use your entire network of people to discover, analyze, and implement great ideas for your business? Get feedback from partners and customers, or reach out to all of your employees — not just decision-makers — for input on products and services?

Spigit makes that possible — and easy.

With patented algorithms and advanced analytics, Spigit helps you crowdsource business ideas from everyone in your network. Use your crowd to assess risks and costs, as well as predict the future business value of ideas and solutions.

By enabling you to gather and assess ideas from everyone in your network, Spigit makes business crowdsourcing simple. We give you the tools you need to stay relevant and competitive through a sophisticated platform that drives overall engagement.

Business Crowdsourcing

Crowdsource Business Innovation with Spigit

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Spigit software enables you to crowdsource business solutions from employees, customers, and partners to find innovative updates to ineffective processes, develop new products, and grow your markets. By crowdsourcing business solutions, you’ll engage your network while amplifying innovation and collaboration.

Spigit’s advanced game mechanics and intuitive user experience, coupled with big data analytics and crowd science, dramatically increases the tangible impact of your innovation program. Our software ensures that you never miss out on the best opportunities for innovation by empowering your crowd to submit, evaluate, and graduate valuable ideas.

Our customers’ across-the-board success makes a strong case for taking a crowdsourced approach to business innovation. Spigit’s 4.5M users from 150+ countries have generated more than $1B from their enterprise innovation programs.

Bring Your Message Home by Insourcing Ideas

Crowd diversity = better solutions

Spigit’s mobile-first, multi-language interface lets you innovate with your entire crowd regardless of location, and help you surface great ideas from unexpected sources.

Get real results from your crowd

Spigit makes crowdsourcing business ideas valuable and engaging using incentives and gamification. Patented algorithms remove bias, so you can discover ideas that are profitable, not just popular.

Predict the impact and value of ideas

Spigit analytics, uses data from the crowd to help you predict the value of different ideas and their potential returns, so you’ll be able to accurately create expectations and meet your goals.


Increased opportunities for breakthrough ideas & growth

Spigit guarantees increased opportunities for breakthrough ideas by supporting your business crowdsourcing efforts through advanced algorithms and data analytics, helping you continuously engage participants across departments, regions, and roles.


Robust enterprise security features

Today’s business climate requires the advanced data protection that Spigit provides. Four global data centers ensure the security of proprietary data, and availability in 11 languages allows for global scalability.

Access expert resources from industry thought leaders

Build upon the experience of global innovation thought leaders with our growing library of business crowdsourcing assets, and get dedicated support from our online customer service team.

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Business Crowdsourcing = Better Results

Gartner: Innovation Management Software Nearing Mainstream Adoption

According to Gartner Research, innovation management software works because:

  • Leaders at Fortune-ranked companies place a high priority on innovation, reflected in a continually growing interest in software to support innovation initiatives (which is what earns them that notoriety).
  • Innovation management technology drives early-stage activities like ideation, graduation, and selection; it also supports later-stage activities like portfolio management, project management, and resource planning.
  • Innovation management software is especially great for targeting internal initiatives, but is also an excellent way to run external challenges with non-employee participants.
  • Product differentiators to look for include game mechanics, crowdsourcing capabilities, and mobile access.