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Create a better customer experience

Reduce Customer Churn

“With Spigit, we turn employee engagement into ideas that serve our policyholders more effectively.”

David Underwood
Insight & Innovation Leader, CSAA Insurance Group


6M+ employees at the world’s most influential brands improve customer satisfaction with Spigit


Customer experience can doom a company or
power its growth

Spigit taps your employees – the people that engage with your customers – to capture the voice of the customer.

Uncover customer pain points  

Use your crowd to identify gaps and areas for improvement in your customer support and customer retention programs.  

Reduce customer churn

Instantly know where support teams are struggling to serve customers, and why. Find new opportunities for retention and upsell.

Ideate directly with customers

Collaborate on product roadmaps, marketing programs, and service improvements.

Open Innovation Crowd

$1.6 Trillion: the estimated cost of customers switching to a competitor due to poor service (U.S.)

Source: “Digital Disconnect in Customer Engagement” Accenture


“Normally, front-line employees could never get an audience with executive leadership, but with TIP it’s a regular occurrence, and gives them a chance to create something extraordinary…for example, the ATT Drive Mode mobile app - an idea from a front-line call center operator.”

Abhi Ingle
VP, Ecosystem and Innovation

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