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Innovation Management

Discover the best ideas. Act on the best ideas. Innovate with your crowd.


Spigit is Leading Innovation Management

Ideas are the backbone of any innovation management program. But do you have the ideas in hand today that you really need to drive your business forward?

Inviting your employees, customers, and partners into your innovation process helps you find and implement that truly valuable idea that your company has never tried — until now. And the crowd, in combination with sophisticated analytics and algorithms that are core to best-in-class innovation management platforms, can help you identify and predict the business value of an idea, so you know where to focus your innovation efforts first.

Innovation management is the process that allows companies to achieve this goal. Drive the best innovations from the bottom up, using tools to tap internal and external crowds, surface the most valuable ideas, and forecast business impact.

Open Innovation Crowd

Beyond Idea Management

Open Innovation Crowd

Spigit helps you invent new products and IP, build customer loyalty, and eliminate wasteful processes in your company. A crowdsourcing approach to these business challenges makes the most of your biggest investment: your people.

Using a cloud platform for innovation management means you can start innovating today with the people that know your business best, amplifying the effectiveness of your program in weeks, not years.

Spigit uses crowd science, big data, and game mechanics to identify and analyze the most valuable innovations and help you communicate results.

Innovation moves fast, and so do our enterprise customers. Together, they have generated more than $1B in business value using our platform. On behalf of leading brands, we engage with over 4.5M users in 150 countries, on any device.

The Benefits of Innovation Management with Spigit

Innovation tools that work everywhere -- with everyone

Research shows that the best ideas come from the most unexpected places. A Mobile-first platform and simultaneous releases in 11 languages mean you connect everywhere, with everyone, including your global employees, customers, and stakeholders.


Eliminate the noise and focus on actionable ideas

Innovation management is only effective when you engage the people who know your business best. Spigit makes the experience rewarding and fun with game mechanics, while patented algorithms help surface the best ideas, not just the most popular ones.

Turn ideas into outcomes

Innovation management dashboards provide visual, crowd-derived data on your innovation program that helps you surface valuable ideas and execute faster. As business conditions or innovation focus changes, you can draw from an ever-growing bank of great ideas.

Scalable crowd innovation

The crowd innovation platform you choose should allow you to separate idea signals from idea noise. Spigit’s patented algorithms enable your organization to bring game-changing ideas to the top, ensuring that you’re only deploying scalable initiatives.


Built-in enterprise security & compliance

Spigit innovation management software meets the enterprise security, scalability, and accessibility requirements that other platforms can’t. Released simultaneously in 11 languages, our four global data centers assure your data is safe and accessible.

Access an ecosystem of innovation best practices

Access knowledge from industry innovators, learn from the experiences of other customers, and reduce potential hurdles in launching your own innovation program with a vast library of thought leadership resources and robust online support from Spigit.

Spigit Innovation Management Customers

Improve Your Innovation Management Program at Any Level

5 Ways to Create a Successful Innovation Management Program

Companies must innovate to survive. But what exactly does it take to create a sustainable innovation management program, especially if you are in an industry that is traditionally risk-averse?