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What is Insourcing?


Insourcing is the opposite of outsourcing. It allows you to bring critical production and competencies back under the operation of the people who know your business best.



Make the most of your most valuable existing resource:
your employees.

Your employees are smart — that’s why you hired them. They know your business inside and out, from partners, products, and customers to market changes and trends, making them your best resource for coming up with the ideas and processes that will keep your company competitive.

Spigit innovation management software makes it easy to insource finding new markets and products, improving customer experience, and reducing costs, by involving your employees every step of the way.

With advanced analytics and sophisticated algorithms, Spigit helps you discover great ideas from your existing crowd of employees and vendors, assess roadblocks and costs, and predict the future business value of potential projects.

By enabling you to leverage the expertise of everyone in your employee network, Spigit makes insource solutions easy.

From process innovation to product implementation, we give you the best platform to engage employees, manage ideation, and bring your business back home — all while helping you reduce costs and stay relevant.


Insourcing Solutions with Spigit

Open Innovation Crowd

Spigit crowdsourcing software helps you use your employees to find new solutions to business challenges, revamp outdated processes, and expand your target market with game-changing ideas. By insourcing projects and crowdsourcing innovation, you amplify your ability to stay competitive while boosting engagement through game mechanics and crowd ideation.

Spigit’s engaging user experience combines big data analytics and crowd science to dramatically increase your innovation program’s impact. Use your existing network to generate, iterate, and evaluate the most valuable ideas, so you’ll never miss out on the best opportunities for growth and returns.

Insourcing drives results, and the proof is in our Fortune-ranked customers’ undeniable success. Our 4.5M users from over 150 countries have generated over $1B from their Spigit-backed enterprise innovation programs.

Bring Your Message Home by Insourcing Ideas

Insourcing ideas = better ideas

Spigit allows you to tap into existing resources using a mobile-first, multi-language interface. With insourcing, you can surface great ideas from the people who already know your business.

Drive results with your existing network

Spigit makes insourcing ideas engaging through gamification and incentives. Sophisticated algorithms remove prejudice, so you can discover ideas with potential — not just the popular vote.

Predict the value of ideas

With Spigit analytics and crowd-derived data, you’ll get detailed insight into your innovation program that helps you predict an idea’s value and its potential returns.


More opportunities for growth

Spigit’s patented algorithms and game mechanics ensure safety, scalability, and constant market growth by making it easy and rewarding for the crowd to identify ideas with the greatest potential.


Safe, secure, and scalable innovation

Spigit’s four global data centers ensure that proprietary data is always secured, and our multi-language interface allows you to scale innovation across multiple regions.

Access resources from industry experts

Access industry expertise from global innovation thought leaders with our expansive library of assets. Spigit customers also receive expert assistance from our dedicated online support team.

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Insourcing with Spigit = Better Results and Bigger Returns

This is How Crowdsourcing Works (6 Steps)

Confused by crowdsourcing? You’re not alone — though it’s getting more popular by the day, this approach to innovation is still new to many business leaders. But with 30% of CEOs worried that they’re not risking enough for growth, and 69% fearful of competitors stealing their business, it’s time to learn the ropes. In a nutshell of 6 easy steps, this is how crowdsourcing innovation works.