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The improbable product dreamt up on a factory floor

“Spigit lets us give employees an opportunity to create the next big thing.”

Joe Laurin
Visioneering Manager, Polaris Industries


6M+ employees at the world’s most influential brands discover new products with Spigit

Open Innovation Crowd

Spigit is your unfair advantage. Easily leverage the creative ideas of your employees, partners, customers, even the general public to inspire your next breakthrough product. And know which ones help you capture your next market.

1. Tap into employees, partners, and customers to identify new products and prioritize roadmaps

2. Engage your entire employee base to discover your next market

3. Build a partner ecosystem with contests, incubators, and startup accelerators


“Spigit closely mirrored our existing innovation efforts, but allowed us to scale. We get to tap our employees’ expertise, bringing state-of-the-art vehicles to our global market quickly and repeatedly.”

Craig Scanlon
Chief Marketing Officer

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